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Modern Monark stocks up on the freshest industry products. From cutting-edge decks to trendy streetwear, Modern Monark ensures that skaters not only ride with top-tier equipment but also look effortlessly stylish while doing it.

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Welcome to the Place Where Fashion Meets Function

Modern Monark is not just a shop; it’s a vibe. From sick decks that practically scream “shred me” to threads that make you the freshest skater on the block, Modern Monark’s got the hookup. They’re not just keeping up with the trends; they’re setting them. If you want your skate sessions to be as stylish as your kickflips, this is the spot. It’s not just a skate shop; it’s where the skate scene gets its groove.

Paul hansen – Owner & Shredder

Where Style Meets Protection


Shop the latest trends in skateboarding footwear, from popular brand like Lakai, Emerica, & Fallen Bomber.

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Shop a variety of airbrush tips, markers, cans, & stickers slaps.  


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Matthew Nazzal

Just got the hook up at Modern Monark!!! Cam set me up with free washers(2) free bolts (2) and free nuts(2) so my rear truck could be fully attached! The vibe in here is wicked stellar! Cam & his crew are so down to earth & genuine! Also homies got a skate ramp in here! Come on and stop by Modern Monark for a good time! 10/10 highly recommend

Kat Miller

"Cam was super helpful and sweet with my 4 year old who decided she's obsessed with skateboarding (and I have zero knowledge of the sport AT ALL). He was super welcoming and friendly, giving us pointers on stance and gear etc. I have no idea what I'm doing, but we'll definitely be back to see these guys again if this is what the skating community is about!!"

Nicky Ray Massarella

"Wow reading all of these reviews makes me feel like we're doing some good in the community. As an employee here you couldn't ask for a better place to work.great job team Monark!!"

Margaret Plumb

"Great and safe atmosphere. The staff are very friendly. Would definitely recommend coming here for any of your skate(board) needs"

Micah Averett (MrWaveMcgee)

"They are all so nice and have the sickest shop, they sell fingerboards in store and at a great price have been here twice in a week! Definitely recommend stopping in, they have a ramp in store and some parks for your fingerboards/teckdecks if you wanna hang around for a bit!"

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