Underworld Brue Killer Everslick Creature Decks (1)


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Slide to your local corner store even quicker with the new Underworld 8.6" Brüe Killer, equipped and now offered for the first time with the original Everslick! The fastest sliding slick boards in the game that are 5 times stronger than regular 7-ply decks. If that don't get you back home quick, safe, and sound from your local, nothing will… Brüetal graphic by @batdog.

Custom shape with adjustable 14.25" or 14.75" wheelbase and Brüe Killer bottle opener.

VET concave is Creature's custom symmetrical concave for wider shapes and longer wheel bases. This all terrain concave is mellower on mid width decks and deeper on wider boards with mid-height kick, giving you freedom of choice on foot placement.

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Regular, Brue killer 32.oz Creature Deck


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