IronLak Marker Refill 250ml


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Ironlak Marker Refill Paint 250ml

Graffiti writers, mixed-media artists, blackbook bombers and painters can all agree: Ironlak Refill Paint is a game changer! Fast-drying and highly opaque, Ironlak Paint can be used in markers, mops, pens, and airbrushes. This multitasking product even shines when applied with a brush or sponge!

What makes it special? A unique alcohol-and-water based formula gives Ironlak Refill Paint exceptional flexibility and allows for a long lasting finish on a wide range of surfaces. Ironlak Refill Paint performs on: glass, metal, canvas, concrete, paper and more. Weatherproof and UV-resistant once dry. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Includes mixing cup for blending custom colors. Colors match Ironlak LAK Spray Paint color palette.

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Midnight, Nitro, Sofles Violence


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