Grog Pointer 02 APP Water Based Acrylic Marker


Product Details

POINTER 02 APP is small but serious. Equipped with a 2 mm polyester CONTROL Round Tip, in combination with a compact size strong plastic barrel, it goes wild even on the smallest surface you can think of.

POINTER 02 APP comes filled with 8 ml of AQUA PRO PAINT, but you can get 8 millions of styles out of it.

Additional information


Death Black, Bogota White, Burning Chrome, Uzi Grey, Goldrake Purple, Bruise Violet, Brick Red, Clockwork Orange, Ferrari Red, Jellyfish Fuchsia, Piggy Pink, Springfield Yellow, James Brown, Charlie Brown, Diving Blue, Obitory Green, Iceburg Blue, Miami Green, Crocodile Green, Laser Green


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