Flame Blue


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Low Pressure, High quality, and Great opacity.

Additional information


Ultra Chrome, Gold, Transparent Black, Deep Black, Terracotta grey Pastel, Transparent White, Pure White, Beige Brown, Chocolate, Nut, Aqua Dark, Dark Brown, Fir Green, Turquoise Dark, Menthol Dark, Leaf Green, Kiwi Dark, Moss Green, Tarzan Green, Kiwi Pastel, Pistachio Light, Pistachio, Fluo Yellow, Signal Yellow, Zinc Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Dahlia, Peach, Pastel Orange, Light Orange, Orange, Fire Red, Crazy Cherry, Red Orange, Burgundy, Cherry Dark, Traffic Purple, Telemagenta, Erica Violet, Erica Light, Lavender, Skin Middle, Cookie Dough Pastel, Light Blue, Aqua, Signal Blue, Cream Blue Dark, Cosmos Blue Dark, True Blue, Sky Blue, Turquoise Light, Menthol Light, Lagoon Blue, Menthol, Cosmos Blue, Sapphire Blue, Bronze, fluorescent orange


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